My Personal Physician


The Concierge Concept

Our practice is based on the “concierge medicine” concept, also known as direct primary care, boutique medicine, and membership medicine.  “Highly attentive medicine” is perhaps the most accurate designation and is the term preferred by Dr. Howard Maron, who pioneered the concept in 1996 in Seattle.

Direct Primary Care

My Personal Physician’s strong, personal patient/doctor relationship provides you with:

  • 24/7 access to Dr. Campbell and his staff
  • unhurried office visits that start on time, housecalls when needed
  • extraordinarily thorough screening to detect disease in the earliest, most treatable stages
  • referrals to the best specialists in the U.S.

Aggressive Screening

Today’s medical technology provides safe, proven ways to detect disease and the conditions that lead to disease at the earliest stages, when prevention and treatment are most successful.  Our standard protocols mandate the most thorough, timely and progressive screening available. We believe My Personal Physician is the only medical practice in the U.S. that follows such aggressive screening protocols.